People 2 Party With: Jennifer Lawrence Edition


Every Friday, we end the week with our list of People 2 Party With, the people, things, or whatever, stuff, who we want to chill with this weekend.

Jennifer Lawrence


The middle finger-flipping, press room shot-taking, weed-smoking, stair-falling Internet darling Jennifer Lawrence seems to already have the whole party thing on lock. Good luck getting an invite to join her, tho :(

Kid President


The 9-year-old YouTuber playing the President got to make a YouTube video with the actual President, and this was his reaction. ^^^
Chill those juice boxes—this kid is ready to get down.

Pope Benedict XVI

Known in the world of Pope fashion as quite the style icon (we shit you not), Benedict XVI announced he’ll be turning in his signature red shoes this week.

A barefoot Pope with keys to the sacramental wine cellar and lots of time on his hands? We’re SO in.

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