People 2 Party With - Asteroid Edition


Every Friday, we end the week with our list of People 2 Party With, the people, things, or whatever, stuff, who we want to chill with this weekend.

So last week we got all excited by the fact that one of the Teen Jeopardy contestants was named Tori Amos. For real, we were getting amped up for absolutely the wrong reason. Shoutout to Leonard Cooper for being the best.

The Pope
Seriously, we generally don’t need to spend a ton of time chilling with old white dudes, but shootout to The Pope for just straight up breaking out on his job. Oh snap, we actually have a video about this!

The Russian Asteroid
Meteorite? Either way, some kind of space rock straight up blasted down on Russia this week, and, honestly, that jam looked ready to party.

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